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If you fail to log in 3 times in a row, you are sure that your username and password are correct, then you should stop logging in and contact customer service.
Ask them if there is a problem with their server or with your account. Remember not to keep trying after several failures, this may cause your account to be closed or cancelled.

SmartBus | School Bus WiFi | Kajeet


The #1 Provider of School Bus WiFi. Upgrade your school buses with Kajeet SmartBus™. We provide a safe, easy-to-use WiFi solution that enables students to keep learning while they travel. Up to 65 students can connect at one time, making SmartBus ideal for daily bus routes, athletic buses, field trips, mobile STEM labs, and bookmobiles.

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Connecting to WiFi | PSTA


 · To Connect On Board a Bus: Select PSTA_Bus from the list of wifi options. No password is required. Please note that bandwidth is limited, so if the bus is crowded with other people using the Wi-Fi, you may be unable to connect. To Connect at a Terminal: Enter Password: RidePSTA; Available at Park Street and Grand Central Station

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WiFi Access | Jefferson Lines


WiFi Access. Thank you for choosing Jefferson Lines for your travel needs. Please enjoy the complimentary WiFi service available on many of our bus lines. We also offer FREE premium WiFi on our College Connection Express bus services! We look forward to providing you with a great web surfing experience while also providing Your #1 Bus …

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Xpress Free Onboard Wi-Fi | Xpress


 · Xpress_Commuter_Wi-Fi is a free service that is shared by all riders on your coach. While we hope that you are able to enjoy the benefits on the Wi-Fi network, we are currently blocking access to sites/apps that will use a significant Wi-Fi bandwidth so that all riders may experience reasonable speeds.

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Bus WiFi systems for bus and coach – Mobile Onboard


BeamOS gives bus WiFi the power. BEAM WiFi hardware is powered by BeamOS. It is an open system built specifically for BEAM WiFi systems. As a result, it gives you the power to do what you want to do. The power to exploit the capabilities of BEAM WiFi, and to configure it to your requirements. Ultra configurable open system.

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Stagecoach Wi-Fi | Stagecoach Buses


A login page will appear; Follow the on-screen instructions to connect; We’ll always try our best to ensure our Wi-Fi service signal is available. At busy times of the day, you may experience a slower connection. If you experience any problems connecting to Wi-Fi on our buses…

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Onboard Entertainment – Greyhound Lines


BE ENTERTAINED MOVIES – TV – INTERNET – NEWS – GAMES All the movies you can watch…included in the price of your ticket. Now rolled out to 100% of fleet, our new onboard entertainment system enables you to enjoy movies and television shows, play games, surf the web, and read the latest news – all completely free and all from your own Wi-Fi enabled devices including …

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AT&T Business – Fiber Internet, Mobility, IoT, 5G Solutions


Explore the latest technology insights and trends. Learn how to protect your enterprise in a world of edge computing and IoT connectivity, led by the transition to 5G. With new capabilities coming online, 5G not only will enhance a growing “smart” ecosystem for businesses, but it will also enhance and complement other networking …

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Amtrak WiFi | Amtrak


The Golden Rule of Amtrak WiFi is it supports general web browsing. Since a large majority of us are carrying the Internet in our pockets, there are a lot of devices potentially drawing on the system. On the trains, however, there’s limited bandwidth. We’re working on improving that as we speak, but for now our WiFi does not support high …

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How to Log into Your Router and Change its Password …


 · If you ever changed the password, you can reset your router and use the default password. You can find the login details on the router or in the user manual. If you don’t see that information. First, you can look at your router itself. Many routers come with stickers that have the login information printed on them.

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