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If you fail to log in 3 times in a row, you are sure that your username and password are correct, then you should stop logging in and contact customer service.
Ask them if there is a problem with their server or with your account. Remember not to keep trying after several failures, this may cause your account to be closed or cancelled.

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 · Just install "MySQL workbench" and it will ask for old and new passwords if already expired. I had the same issue with my WAMP server and managed to fix it.

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 · The default WAMP MySQL logins are root and an leaving the password field blank. Once logged in you can create a new database and set user privileges. Once logged in you can create a new database and set user privileges.

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 · Problem: Ok, so after installing wamp server, I have gone to the phpMyAdmin page and created a database called db2. After that, I have created a table inside of that database called cnt2. It has 5 columns, ID, Name, Mark1, Mark2 and Mark3.

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1. Run cmd to get a window Change directory to where mysql console is e.g. C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.1.36\bin>. Run the console with mysql. password isn’t needed on the default installation and you’ll be treated as root. you should get a prompt to enter your password. Use the one you put in your config file.

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