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If you fail to log in 3 times in a row, you are sure that your username and password are correct, then you should stop logging in and contact customer service.
Ask them if there is a problem with their server or with your account. Remember not to keep trying after several failures, this may cause your account to be closed or cancelled.

Why can’t I log in to Spotify? – The Spotify Community


 · Make sure you’re on the right login screen:- If you made your account with a username and password, enter those and tap LOG IN.- If you made your account with Facebook, tap LOG IN WITH FACEBOOK. – You can also log in through the username field by using the email address linked to your Spotify account, and your correct password.

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Solved: Cannot login to my Spotify Account – The Spotify …


 · I don’t receive any emails when i buy premium too. But i have the "mail activation" mail. I think you have to send payment informations to Spotify (not credit card informations) . I mean, if you bought premium on Jan 10, you say "I can’t find my account and bought premium on Jan 10" etc. You can see your payments on your bank’s app etc.

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Fix: Can’t Log in to Spotify With Correct Password …


 · Why Can’t I Log in to Spotify with Correct Password? Check Your Login Details. First things first, ensure you’re using the right login screen. If you created your Spotify… Reset Your Password. By the way, if you signed up with Facebook but you deactivated your account, you need to …

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Can’t remember login details – Spotify


 · Can’t remember login details. If you don’t remember your password, use password reset. If you don’t remember your email/username, go to password reset and enter possible email addresses you own. When you enter the right one, you’ll get the message that the password reset email was sent. Note: There are a few ways to sign up, e.g. with email, phone number, Facebook, or Apple.

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Don’t have an account? Sign up for Spotify

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What to Do if You Can’t Log into Your Spotify Account | ITIGIC


Can’t log in. Use your Spotify login details to log in to Spotify for Artists. Note: Your Spotify account might not use your business email. If you don’t remember your password, use password reset. If you don’t remember your email or username, go to password reset and …

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Can’t reset password – Spotify


 · You need access to the email address on your Spotify account to open the password reset link we email you. If you don’t have access, here are some options: Regain access to the email address if possible. Create a new account and start fresh.

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