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QuizUp: Which car logo is a pentagon with a star in it?


Question: Which car logo is a pentagon with a star in it? Answer: Chrysler QuizUp Category: Lifestyle QuizUp Sub Category: Cars Search all QuizUp questions here! Search your question here: We are building the internet’s largest repository for QuizUp answers. If you come across any questions that are missing or incorrect, please add a comment …

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History of the Pentastar


He wanted something that would be immediately identifiable as Chrysler’s mark to anyone who saw it, in any culture. In September 1962, the company adopted a logo named Pentastar, made of five triangles arranged so their bases formed the sides of a pentagon. The gaps in between the triangles formed a star in the middle of the pentagon.

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33 Car Brand Logos and Meanings


 · The five-triangle Pentagon/star logo was created in 1962 after then-Chrysler president Lynn Townsend asked ad agency Lippincott & Margulies to come up with a …

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Find & Explore Car Logos By Appearance


Find & Explore Car Logos By Appearance,Circle Shield Rectangle Wings Multi-Pointed Star Triangle Letters Oval Wheat Animal Polygon Car Logos

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Hard problems in Logo – Drawing a star in one command …


 · Easy to learn and generalised method to draw an n pointed star.For more videos visit or Subscribe to :

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Car Logos, Car Company Logos, Car Logos and Names


Find your favorite car logos, car emblems, car company logos, car manufacturer logos and names at Carlogos.org!

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