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Causes Of Waterlogging In Pakistan – 842 Words | Internet …


Causes Of Waterlogging In Pakistan 1) Seepage of Water From canal system: The major source of waterlogging in Pakistan is seepage of water from poor… 2) Poor surface runoff and slow drainage: The plains of Pakistan is flat , therefor the surface runoff is slow . This

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Water Logging A Nuisance in Pakistan – Envirocivil.com


 · The crop production in Pakistan is lowest as compared to the world‘s averages. The main reason behind this is the water logging and salinity which directly effects the crops production and indirectly affects the livelihood of the depended people. Water logging is the saturation of the soil by groundwater sufficient to prevent or hinder agriculture.

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WATER LOGGING | Biology Boom


It raises the water table of soil. Our farmers have adopted unscientific irrigation system. Most of the water is collected in the ditches in the field. It causes water logging. Monsoon rain and frequent floods form small lakes and ponds also cause water logging. There is a lack of drainage system.

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Reasons of Water Logging – CSS Forums


 · 1. Rainfall: After heavy rainfall, rain water percolates down the pores between the soil particles under the action of… 2. Floods: After heavy rainfall, the flood water spreads on the surface of the soil in the plains. Due to inappropriate… 3. Poor Water Management: Sometimes farmers use their …

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Types, Causes, Effects and Solutions to Waterlogging …


What is Waterlogging? 1. Riverine Flood Waterlogging. It is a type of waterlogging which occurs during the rainy seasons, where floods come to nearby lands from the river … 2. Oceanic Flood Waterlogging. 3. Seasonal Waterlogging. 4. Perennial Waterlogging. 5. Sub-soil Waterlogging.

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7-Waterlogging and salinity – SlideShare


 · CAUSES OF WATERLOGGING 1. Seepage of water from canal system The main cause of waterlogging in pakistan is seepage of water from network of canal system.40-50% water is lost from main canals ,seeps through soil and rised the ground water. In some cases the water table has risen upto root zones or even surface of soil. 5.

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Management of Water Logging & Salinity in Pakistan


 · The water on reaching the surface evaporates and the salts are deposited on the surface, rendering the land unsuitable for farming. The rise of the water-table to the surface level is called water logging and the appearance of salty patches is called salinity.

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water logging and salinity in pakistan by Musadiq Rehmani


 · Water Logging and Salinity in Pakistan • Water logging represents the situation whereby the underground water comes on the surface of the land and in certain cases it gathers on the ground level of the lands and it may assume the shape of streams. 4. Water Logging and Salinity in Pakistan • As a result, the lands become uncultivable.

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Waterlogging and Salinity in Pakistan


 · All provinces of Pakistan have reported salinity and waterlogging issues, however, these issues make a huge portion for Punjab and Sindh because of agricultural lands. The Indus River Basin suffers from salinity and waterlogging due to inadequate water management practices, poor surface, and subsurface drainage, water seepage from canals, etc.

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What is waterlogging? Effects, Causes, Prevention – Civil Lead


Water may seep through the bed and side of the adjoining canals, reservoir etc, situated at a higher level than the affected land, resulting in the high water table. This seepage is excessive, when the soil at the site of canals, reservoir etc, is very previous.

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