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Change Log for Custom Table | SAP Community


 · Get RSS Feed. Hi, I want to capture change log for a custom table. I am aware 2 options are availble for this. First one is: Setting REC/CLINET parameter and checking in SCU3 but we don’t want to check this as its causing performance issues. Second one is: Check data element change log and configure table in SCDO.

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Change log of a custom table. | SAP Community


 · Sep 15, 2016 at 11:00 AM. "Log Data Changes" option on table should Ticked & the profile param "rec/client" should set to enable change log of any custom table and this can be tracked in DBTABLOG or SCU3. Also there should be a Maintenance view for the table..

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Activate/Deactivate Table Change Logging – SAP Help Portal


Enter the appropriate data. Choose Goto Technical Settings . Select/Deselect the Log Data Changes checkbox. Note. All customizing tables are automatically recorded by default. Select Activate . Note. If you only save the change, it is not effective. Deactivate table change logging in the technical settings.

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Change log for Z-Table Maintenance (via SCDO) | SAP Blogs


 · Y ou can use Automatic table change logging by setting the “Log Data Changes” flag under the table “Technical Settings” in SE11 (p.s. You must activate the table again after saving it, otherwise it will not be effective). Next, to be able to log the table changes you must activate the system profile parameter Rec/Client. The default setting is OFF (no changes are logged).

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How to maintain log for custom tables (Log Maintenance in …


1. Create one Z table ZEMP_TABLE. The table consists of three fields EMPID (Employee id), ENAME (Employee name) and ELOC (Employee Location). 2. Create the Z data elements and in the further characteristics tab of the data element tick the check box change document. 3. Now Go to T-code SCDO. The screen looks like as follows.

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Data Change Tracker for Custom Tables – SAP


 · Now change document object for the custom table is created. Function module created through the program generation needs to be used for logging the changes in the standard SAP change tables – CDHDR and CDPOS. The operations like Insert, Update and Delete functionalities can be done on the entries available in the custom table.

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Find Changes Logs for a table using SM30 | SAP Blogs


 · You can change the all fields as per your requirement. In Output Options: Select the all option as per your requirement. In Archive Logs. Also there you can select to view the archive logs. Select the option if you required that. Then press execute. (may be you can see a pop-up, just select you table) Here you can see all changes log for the table.

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Utilizing CDHDR and CDPOS SAP Tables for Change Logs …


 · How to use CDHDR and CDPOS SAP Tables – Go to transaction code SE16 or SE16N to narrow down the results for Table CDHDR first. Copy the change document numbers from Table CDHDR and paste them into the Table CDPOS selection criteria. This should give you the change logs needed. Additional Info. There is a “changed by” field found in SAP Table BKPF.

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Maintaining Change Log for Database Tables – SAP


 · Make sure that the field for which change log is to be maintained is checked as CHANGE DOCUMENT. For this issue, double click the field and find the data-element maintained, choose the tab ‘Further Characteristics’ and then check change-document.[]b) Creating Change Documents: STEP 1: Call Change Document transaction code SCDO.

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Usage of CDHDR and CDPOS tables in recording … – SAP Blogs


 · How updation of change log is done in SAP: The change log of delivery header is updated through CDHDR and CDPOS tables. e.g. Let’s take an outbound delivery 82342514 and make changes in it’s header. Go to header in change mode. Currently, the shipment reason maintained is ‘Complete Delevery Bl’. Let’s remove it. And save the delivery.

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