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How BC Clear Cut Logging is Connected to Canada’s Heat …


 · So British Columbia has been experiencing hotter weather in recent years due to global climate change but there’s something else making our local temperatures much worse. The other part, is clear cut logging and deforestation in BC. It may not seem like the two are connected, but British Columbia’s …

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Clearcut Logging British Columbia High Resolution Stock …



 · Clear cut area on Moresby Island, Haida Gwaii, formerly known as Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada Tree slash on a remote logging road and clearcut site in an old growth temperate rainforest near Port Renfrew, British Columbia, Canada.


Clearcutting in British Columbia – Wikipedia


• ‘Alternatives to Conventional Clearcutting’ Forest Practices Branch, Victoria, BC, accessed 1 February 2010
• ‘Clear-Cut Land in British Columbia, Canada’ aerial survey image dated 1989, Lunar and Planetary Institute, accessed 1 February 2010
• ‘Google Maps and Accountability’ (7 April 2005), images of clearcutting, accessed 1 February 2010

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B.C.’s clear-cut forests are ‘dead zones,’ emitting more …


 · More greenhouse gases are being emitted from clear-cut logging in British Columbia’s forests than the replanted trees are able to absorb, according to …

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