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If you fail to log in 3 times in a row, you are sure that your username and password are correct, then you should stop logging in and contact customer service.
Ask them if there is a problem with their server or with your account. Remember not to keep trying after several failures, this may cause your account to be closed or cancelled.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication … – Epic Games’ Fortnite


 · Protect your account by enabling 2FA. As a reward for protecting your account, you’ll unlock the Boogiedown Emote in Fortnite Battle Royale. Save the World Loot. If you have 2FA enabled then you’ll get the following items in Save the World: 50 Armory Slots; 10 Backpack Slots; 1 Legendary Troll Stash Llama; Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

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Epic Games


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Epic Games


Back. ID: 94994170-0cad-11ec-a8df-19f1e52a2f63

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Epic Games


Choose how to sign in to your Epic Account. Sign in with Epic Games. Sign in with Facebook. Sign in with Google. Sign in with Xbox Live. Sign in with PlayStation Network. Sign in with Nintendo Account. Sign in with Steam. Sign in with Apple.

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Fortnite 2FA: How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication …


 · Fortnite 2FA is there to add an extra layer of protection between players and wannabe hackers. It means those beloved Harley Quinn, Black Panther, and Xenomorph skins you’ve parted real-life money for are safe and sound in your own little bubble. Along with that, Fortnite 2FA does more than just lock the door to your virtual vault.

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¡Protege tu cuenta! Habilitar la A2F – Fortnite de Epic Games


 · ¡La seguridad de su cuenta es nuestra prioridad! Protejan su cuenta al habilitar la A2F. Como recompensa por proteger su cuenta, desbloquearán el gesto A bailar en Batalla campal de Fortnite. Botín en Salva el mundo. Si habilitadan la A2F conseguirán los siguientes objetos en Salva el mundo: 50 espacios del arsenal; 10 espacios de la mochila

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Protégez votre compte ! Activez l’A2F


 · La sécurité de votre compte est notre priorité ! Protégez votre compte en activant l’A2F. En guise de récompense, vous recevrez l’emote Boogie Down pour Fortnite Battle Royale. Butin dans Sauver le monde. Si vous avez activé l’authentification à deux facteurs, vous obtiendrez les objets suivants dans Sauver le monde : 50 emplacements d …

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How to Enable 2FA on Fortnite – YouTube


 · recently I’ve been getting alot of questions asking how to enable 2fa in 2020 and chapter 2. So today I decided to make a video on how you guys can enable 2f…

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