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Bonjour-santé | Besoin de voir un médecin?


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Bonjour-santé is the health directory in Quebec that gives you access to over 36,000 health professionals. Should you be seeking a doctor, dentist, nutritionist, chiropractor, dermatologist, psychologist or any other health professional, you will easily …

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Bonjour-santé | Besoin de voir un médecin?


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Console | Bonjour-santé®


Bonjour-santé® helps medical professionals and administrative staff reduce their stress and improve the clinic’s productivity, thanks to our interface that optimizes appointment management. A real time saver. We calculated it – booking a patient appointment can take between 3 and 5 minutes. That means that for a clinic booking 200 …

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Bonjour-santé | Besoin de voir un médecin?


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