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How to Zip Files and Directories in Linux | Linuxize


 · Same as above, including the hidden files (files starting with a dot): zip archivename .* * Create a Zip archive named archivename.zip containing all MP3 files in the current directory without compressing the files. zip -0 archivename *.mp3 Conclusion # In Linux, you can create Zip archives with the zip command. To extract a ZIP archive on a …

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shell – Compress old log file into single zip-linux – Unix …


It basically takes the /var/backups/dump.sql file (you would specify the name of your logfile instead), compresses it and renames it to dump.sql.1.gz. Before that, it rotates the old dump.sql.1.gz to dump.sql.2.gz and so on, and deletes the oldest one.

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Linux ZIP command Examples for Compressing and …


 · 1. 2. [root@localhost test]# zip -P redhat123 linux.zip linux.txt. adding: linux.txt (deflated 9%) In above command redhat123 is the password. Linux.zip is password protected file now. Linux.txt is the file on which we have implemented this security. Now if you want to unzip linux.zip …

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tar – Linux + how to compress the old log files …


1. Add compress operation to cron. Add the following line to root crontab ( sudo crontab -e ): 0 0 * * * tar -czf /var/log/httpd_backup_`date`.tar.gz /var/log/httpd && rm -rf /var/log/httpd/*. This command will create a tar archive with your old logs and remove exist. The job will start at 0 o’clock every day.

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How to Zip or Unzip Files From the Linux Terminal


 · To create a ZIP file as before and also include the archive sub-directory, use this command. zip -r -q source_code archive/ *.c *.h. To be considerate to the person who will be extracting the files from the ZIP file you’re creating, it is often polite to create ZIP files with the files inside it contained in a directory.

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ZIP command in Linux with examples – GeeksforGeeks


 · Older log files are usually compressed and appear as apport.log.2.gz, apport.log.3.gz, apport.log.4.gz, and so on. The log rotation process is facilitated using a utility called logrotate . This is a tool that facilitates the rotation of log files and archival & removal of old ones to free up disk space.

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Linux – How To Zip Folder on Linux | SikatPinoy GSM – Forum


 · 3,559. Sep 4, 2021. #1. Zip Folder using zip. The easiest way to zip a folder on Linux is to use the “zip” command with the “-r” option and specify the file of your archive as well as the folders to be added to your zip file. You can also specify multiple folders if you want to have multiple directories compressed in your zip file.

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Downloading Files on Linux using the Command Line


In the image above, we took a png file originally named pancake1.png and converted it to a zip file with the new name p.zip. Just like in the case of Wget, Curl allows users to download multiple files using a number of URLs from the internet. This can easily be done by the following command: $

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4 Ways to Send Email Attachment from Linux Command Line



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